Hi! I’m Ken.

What I’ve Done

Areas of Experience and interest.

In short, everything. Copywriters like reading, studying, learning, writing, and so forth.

A copywriter is a knowledge worker, in the fullest sense of the word.

Pick a topic:


Economics, especially as it relates to value and money

Philosophy (my undergraduate degree)

Politics, with a libertarian bent

Geology, especially as found in the Mountain West

Travel, Road Trip!

My niche is Money, Value, and Economics.

This is about you, though. What is it that you have to say? What do you need to tell your clients? You have the product, the service. Your clients have the need. And my expertise is knowing the language of your clients. Knowlege is the currency of the writer.

OK. Resume question (as it relates to copywriting):

Greatest Strength: My writing skills. I have a masterful command of the language, a large volcabulary, and varied sentences.

Greatest Weakness: My writing skills. A good copywriter must be able to write on a sixth grade level. Let’s face it. Nobody wants to slog through college level writing. I know I don’t.

☆ When I write for you, know that my writing is meant to sparkle and be easy to read. ☆

That is my job as a copywriter.

P.S. AND I haven’t had my post-covid haircut, yet.