Hi! I’m Ken.

You’ve got a business. There is a lot to do. But you don’t have time for everything. You have a business to run.

I talk with your client and your prospect. Let’s show them how your product adds value to their product.

What I’ve Done

Areas of Experience and Interest.

In short, anything. Copywriters like reading, studying, learning, writing, and so forth.

I am a knowledge worker; I will help your client find value in your product.

Pick a topic:


Economics: Money and Value.

Philosophy: Why the world works.

Geology: exploring the Mountain West

Travel: Road Trip!

My niche is Money, Economics, Value.

ON Copy Writing:

You have a product. Your client needs it. You need a copywriter to (1) understand your product, (2) understand your client, and (3) introduce your client to your product.

☆ More than words. Your product solves Your client’s problem. Don’t make them wait while you work on a strategy. ☆