Adding Value

Copy + Content Writer

You need a Copywriter.

You have ideas, visions, and goals. You don’t have spare time. You need extra help. You have unbeatable skills. Your problem is finding your clients. Letting them know that you are here.
News spreads far and wide. You are The Problem Solver.

And now the problems begin. Meeting payroll. Stretch goals. Scheduling vacations. PTO. Perks. Vacations.

Yesterday is past, tomorrow is too late. Finance teaches: The perfect time to grow your business is right now. And timing doesn’t work.

Let’s get to work now.

Kenneth Hodge

Helping you add value to your client’s product.

Why Finance At Altitude?
Finance: the study of what is possible with available Resources.
Altitude: it requires skill and resoucefulness to thrive in the High Desert.